Rules & ByeLaws



These Bye-Laws have been framed by the Managing Committee, Chandigarh Golf Club (hereinafter referred as Club) under Rule 59, the Rules and Regulations of the Chandigarh Golf Club (hereinafter referred as Rules).
These Bye-Laws are to be read in conjunction with and in addition to the Rules & Regulations of the Chandigarh Golf Club and all those aspects which have either not been included or not elaborated adequately in the revised Rules & Regulations.
These Bye-Laws supersede the existing Bye-Laws 2004 and come into force with effect from 1st April 2017.

  1. Enrolment of Members (Rules 10 to 13)
    Mid Week Members
    (i) The membership ceiling of the club will be maintained at 2000 in permanent (1800) and mid week category (200) as per the ceiling fixed by the Club Rules. Any person desirous of becoming a club member will register himself/herself with the club subject to his / her suitability as determined by the Managing Committee and further subject to payment of fees as prescribed. Subject to vacancy and payment of fees as prescribed 11 Mid-week members may be enrolled in different categories every two months in the following proportion:
  1. a) General Category – 6
  2. b) Defence Services – 2
  3. c) Civil Category – 2
  4. d) NRI Category – 1


NRIs will be eligible for consideration in the above-mentioned quotas only if they fulfill the conditions laid down in Rule 13(e) of the Chandigarh Golf Club.

Permanent Members


(ii) Subject to vacancy and payment of fees as prescribed 12 Permanent members may be enrolled in different categories every two months in the following proportion :

  1. a) General Category – 6
  2. b) Defence Services – 2
  3. c) Civil Category – 2
  4. d) Green Card category – 2


For Green Card member a sub-list of such Green Card members, who have attained handicap of nine or below will be maintained separately. Out of every two Green Card Category members, one member will be as per the overall seniority of Green Card members and the second will be from the sub list (having handicap nine or below) as mentioned above.

All registered applicants who are holding Constitutional posts and belong to All India Service as Central Gazetted Class 1 Services or such other officers of Central / State Govt who have completed 15 years of service will be under Civil Services category. For the Defence Service category, all officers who are registered applicants will be under the Defence Service category.

  • 2. Maintenance of Registers
  • The club shall at all times maintain three separate registers for permanent and mid-week members as also for those who have registered themselves for membership. These registers will contain the name, address, number and date of membership/registration in each case. These registers will be available for inspection at any time by any Permanent/ Mid-week member and the registered applicant.

  • 3. Registered Applicants (Rule – 14)
  • (a) A registered applicant is not entitled to any privileges except the use of a golf course for playing after obtaining a proficiency card and by paying a green fee as prescribed. Registered applicants can use the gazebos only against cash coupons when they are using the golf course.

    (b) Registered applicants will not start playing on the course until they have taken proper lessons from a coach and are conversant with the basics of golf in terms of rules and etiquettes.

    (c) All registered applicants will be required to play a round of golf with members of the Screening Committee so that the golfing proficiency can be assessed for the purpose of issuing the “Golf proficiency Card.”

    (d) In case a registered applicant is not residing in Chandigarh / Tri-city area and is playing at any other golf course and has a handicap he/she will be required to forward his/her official handicap to the club duly authenticated.

    (e) To establish the handicap, each applicant must submit a minimum of 5 scorecards after playing with a four-ball comprising of at least two permanent members. After examining the same the Handicapping Committee shall award a handicap to each applicant.

    (f) They are not allowed to park their cars in the main car park of the club and not allowed to play during prime time.

    (g) They are required to pay the file maintenance charges every year.

    (h) All resident registered applicants are required to submit a minimum of 30 cards after playing at CGC / Home Club in a year (in the preceding 12 months from the date when his/her application for membership comes up for consideration in the Mid-week category.

    (i) In case a registered applicant does not follow club rules and Bye-Laws his/her registration may be terminated by the Managing Committee without any notice.

  • 4. Mid-week Members
  • (a) When vacancy for Mid-week membership is available and the registered applicant has met all the stipulations laid down in the Rules and Regulations as well as the Bye-laws of the club, he/she will be required to meet all the members of the Managing Committee for a final decision on his/her application for enrolment as Mid-week members.

    (b) Dependents of Mid-week members are allowed the use of club facilities as notified from time to time.

    (c) Midweek members are not permitted to use the course during “prime time”.

    (d) Mid Week members are permitted to introduce guest after depositing security of Rs. 10,000/-.

  • 5. Use of restaurants, gazebos and bar
  • All permanent, Mid-week, Green Card, NRI, Corporate category members are allowed to use the restaurants, gazebos, and Bars of the club by using the Smart Cards issued to them by the club. Student members can use the gazebos only against cash coupons on days when they are using the golf course.

  • 6. Fee for each category will be as follows:
  • Entrance fee for Mid week Member:

    1. i) General Category 3,25,000/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 3,83,500/-
    2. ii) Defence /Govt Officer 1,62,500/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 1,91,750/-

    iii) From NRI category Rs. 3,25,000/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 3,83,500/-

    Entrance fee for Permanent/Green Card /NRI Member :

    1. i) General Category 3,25,000/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 3,83,500/-
    2. ii) Defence/Civil Services 1,62,500/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 1,91,750/-

    iii) Green Card to Permanent Rs. 62,500/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 73,750/-

    1. iv) Green Card

    Dependent category Rs62,500/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 73,750/-

    1. v) NRI US $ 9500/- plus GST @ 18% US$ 11,210/-


    Entrance fee for Tenure, Student & Corporate Members

    1. i) Tenure member 75,000/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 88,500/-
    1. ii) Student member 10,000/- plus GST @ 18% Rs. 11,800/-/-

    iii) Corporate Members upto :


    (a) 1 nominees for 5 years Rs. 5,00,000/- plus GST 18% Rs. 5,90,000/-

    (b) 2 nominees for 5 years Rs. 8,00,000/- plus GST 18% Rs. 9,44,000/-

    (c) 3 nominees for 5 years Rs. 10,00,000/- plus GST 18% Rs. 11,80,000/-

    (c) 4 nominees for 5 years Rs. 12,00,000/- plus GST 18% Rs. 14,16,000/-

  • 7. Monthly subscription will be as follows:
      Sr.No. Category Subscription
      1 Permanent Members  
      1.1 Resident 700
      1.2 Resident Senior Citizen** 500
      1.3 Out Station 500
      1.4 Out Station Senior Citizen 400
      2 MID Week / Temporary Members  
      2.1 Resident 1350
      2.2 Resident Senior Citizen** 850
      2.3 Out Station 850
      2.4 Out Station Senior Citizen** 650
      3 Green Card members  
      3.1 Resident 700
      3.2 Out Station 500
      4 N.R.I. Members  
      4.1 NRI member $70
      4.2 NRI (On completion of 10 years) $ 35
      5 Student Members 560
      6 Tenure Members 1350
      7 Mess Members 1350
      8 Dependent Members 150
      9 Corporate Members 6650
      10 Life Members 0
      11 Honorary Members 0

    ** Senior citizens for the above purpose will be as and when a member attains the age of 65 years.

  • 8. Green Fee
  • Rates for Green Fee payable are as under:

    1. Registered Applicant:

    (a) Week days : Rs. 400/-

    (b) Week end : Rs. 800/-

    1. Guests:

    (a) Week days : Rs. 500/-

    (b) Week end : Rs. 1000/-

    iii. Foreigners

    (a) Week days : $ 35

    (b) Week end : $ 50

    Green Fee will be half for senior citizens.

    1. Membership

    (a) Senior members:

    A senior member belonging to Permanent, Mid-week or NRI category above the age of 70 years who opts for ”senior member” status shall inform the management in writing and will not be required to pay a monthly subscription to the club. Senior Members (Permanent category) shall continue to enjoy all rights and privileges of permanent members except the right to vote or contest Club Elections. This option, once exercised, is irrevocable.

    (b) Spouse members

    In the event of the death of the permanent member/ senior member, the spouse may be given the membership of the club in place of the deceased member as a “Spouse Member” without charging any additional entrance fee or monthly subscription and without filling the vacancies of a permanent member. Spouse member shall continue to enjoy all rights and privileges of a permanent member except the right to vote or contest club elections. This concession will not be available to any other member of the family of the deceased. Playing spouse members will have voting rights.

    (c) Tenure Members

    If after the expiry of three years the tenured member continues to hold the same post, he/she shall be entitled to apply afresh for tenure membership subject to payment of charges as applicable.

    (d) Mess Members

    Mess members are those serving officers who join the club as members of a Defence Services Officers Mess when the mess as a whole has become a member. Mess membership will automatically stand withdrawn when the Mess member is posted out or cease to be in active service. The maximum number of officers who can avail Mess Membership will be limited to four officers per Mess.

    (e) NRI Members

    An NRI member on completing ten years of NRI membership, if decides to shift to Chandigarh permanently will be eligible for being considered for Mid-week membership as per Rule 13(e). A separate list of such eligible NRI members will be maintained and every eleventh vacancy of Mid-week membership category will be filled out of this list.

    (f) Green Card Members

    Dependents (Rule 13(j)) of members may enjoy all benefits and privileges of the club till they attain the age of 21 years. Dependents of members if playing golf can opt for Green Card membership when they attain the age of 21 years.

    (g) Honorary Membership

    An Honorary Membership so granted will be for a period of three years, subject to renewal thereafter at the discretion of the Managing Committee.

    (h) Dependents

    Only those declared as dependents by a member/Green Card member are allowed to use club facilities as dependent members. Members will submit proof of age by way of school certificate or birth certificate in original or copy of passport.

    1. 10. Procedure for induction of members

    Test for new members induction either as Mid-week or Permanent will be conducted by at least two members of the Managing Committee by playing a round of minimum six holes. Green Card member from the 0-9 handicap category will be required to play 18 holes with three members of the Managing Committee.

    1. Reciprocal facility

    A member from a reciprocal club shall be entitled to avail the club facilities only four times in a month subject to a maximum of twelve times in a year. Such member will have to produce an identity card/letter of introduction from his/her parent club (as per inter club arrangement) before he/ she is allowed to avail facilities. A reciprocal member shall not be allowed to sign for refreshments and shall make all payment against cash coupons/visitor’s card.

    1. Use of club facilities / gazebos by green fee paying players

    Those persons, who play golf after paying Green fee can also use the club facilities other than Health Club and Swimming Pool on that day on payment against cash coupons/visitors cards.

    1. 13. Payment of club bills by members ( Rule 34 )

    With the introduction of the Smart Card system w.e.f. Sep 2012 the following will come in force:

    (i) No hard copy of the monthly bill will be sent to members. Club bills will be available to members on the internet which can be accessed through the member’s personal password.

    (ii Members are permitted a credit limit of up to Rs. 5000/-.

    (iv) Members are not eligible to make partial payment against the outstanding dues i.e. the outstanding amount due from a member must be paid in entirety.

    (v) If for any reason the outstanding amount exceeds Rs. 10,000/-, a member will not be permitted to use any club facility in the club till such time that the total outstanding amount is cleared.

    1. Dishonouring of cheque

    In case a member’s cheque is dishonored by the bank on account of insufficient funds or for any other reason a warning will be administered to him to be more circumspect in future and the penalty charges paid by the club to the bank will be recovered from the concerned member. In case the cheque issued by a particular member is dishonored for the second time, the concerned member will be fined Rs. 1000/-. Also, the member thereafter would be required to pay his bills through a demand draft or cash or through credit/debit card.

    1. Standard Operating Procedure:

    (a) In order that the club activities are carried on systematically, documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) duly approved by the Management Committee shall be established, maintained and implementation in all areas of the club i.e. operation and maintenance of the course, corporate office, accounts department of the course, catering bar, swimming pool, health club, house etc. Further in order to make continued improvements in the services of the club Management Committee shall lay down measurable targets in Key Result Areas (KRA) for achievement by the concerned functionaries in their respective areas, which shall be reviewed every month.

    (b) Responsibilities and authorities of key functionaries of the club, i.e. President, Vice President, Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Chairmen of various committees and Executive Secretary etc. shall be clearly defined for smooth operation. Identification of resources shall be the responsibility of concerned functionaries in their respective areas.

    (c) There shall be a well-defined sound purchase system ensuring transparency.

    (d) There shall be a proper system for the evaluation and selection of suppliers based on their financial capacity and capability to supply quality products at reasonable prices.

    (e) A list of suppliers duly approved by the Managing Committee based on their performance and other criteria shall be maintained in the club.

    (f) There shall be quarterly internal Audits of the management systems, purchases, stocks, compliance to SOPs etc. by personnel independent of the area of audit. Results of such audits shall be forwarded to the Management Committee in writing within fifteen days of the completion of audits for taking up follow up actions, wherever required.

    1. Duties and functioning of Committee Members and Sub Committees

    (a) Elected members are required to attend all managing committee meetings and participate therein. In the event of an elected member failing to attend three consecutive meetings of the Managing Committee without a valid reason, it will be deemed that he has demitted office.

    (b) The Managing Committee shall prepare a detailed budget and seek approval of the same at the EGM. A summary of the quarterly performance review of income and expenditure shall be placed on the notice board.

    (c) The Chairperson of each sub-committee will adhere to the duties as specified. The Chairperson will be individually responsible for strict compliance thereof and submit a monthly report to the Managing Committee for discussion.

    1. Minutes (Rule 53)

    Minutes of the AGM / EGM and the Managing Committee meetings shall be displayed on the notice board within a week thereafter.

    1. Indiscipline / misbehavior

    (a) Whenever a member fails to abide by the Rules & Regulations, as well as the Bye Laws, laid down by the club, the Managing committee may take action as deemed appropriate. However, if the member persists with acts of indiscipline, the Managing Committee may recommend his case to the General House for termination of membership in accordance with Rule 37.

    (b) Pending proceedings before the discipline committee, the Managing Committee, if it so decides, may suspend the membership of the member.

    (c) If upon conclusion of an inquiry, the discipline committee comes to a finding that a member has misbehaved or is found guilty of indiscipline, then the Managing Committee may suspend a member up to a maximum period of twelve months.

    1. Gratuities / tips to club servant

    (a) No member, visitor, dependent or guest shall give any money, fee or gratuity to any servant of the club, nor shall the latter receive the same on any pretense whatsoever. Infringement on the part of any member / dependent as well as club servant will invoke disciplinary action as deemed suitable by the Managing Committee. Appreciation of service may be shown by a contribution to the special “Diwali Fund” maintained by the club.

    (b)No member shall offer or give any employee or servant of the club any intoxicating or other liquor on any pretext whatsoever and any such employee or servant found to have accepted an intoxicating drink will be liable for a major penalty including dismissal, disciplinary action will also be initiated against the offending member of the club.

    1. Conduct of club servants / caddies

    The conduct of a club servant or a caddie shall in no instance be made a matter of personal reprimand/action by any member. All complaints regarding the behavior and conduct of club servants, caddie masters and caddies shall be made in writing to the Secretary or Chairman of the Caddy Committee (in case of caddies) who shall inquire into the circumstances of the case, recommend action to the Managing Committee.

    1. Member’s servants

    The private servants, car drivers, gunmen, attendants, maids etc. of members are not permitted beyond the parking area. In case of infringement, the concerned member will be liable for disciplinary action..

    1. Pets

    Pets are not allowed in the premises of the club.

    1. Children

    Parents and members who bring children to the club are responsible at all times for the behavior of the children while in club premises. The following sections of the club premises are out of bounds to children at all times:

    1. a) Formal Bar
    2. b) Card Room
    3. c) The bar section of Saloon Bar
    4. d) Children below the age of 12 years who do not play golf are not permitted to go on the course unless they are accompanied by the member / parent. Parents are not permitted to take their children in prams, on bicycles or tricycles on the course.
    5. 24. Use of mobile phone
    6. a) Mobile phone is not permitted in the Formal Bar. Mobile phone should be kept on silent/vibrating mode in other facilities.
    7. b) Use of mobile phones on the course is discouraged and should be kept either switched off or on “silent / vibrating mode.”.
    8. c) Member will be responsible for mis-use of the Mobile phone by his/her guests.
    9. Swimming Pool & Health Club
    10. a) Date of opening of swimming pool and the timings shall be announced by the committee from time to time. Members, their dependents and guests are advised to strictly abide by the timings so notified.
    11. b) Bath towels and other items provided by the club should on no account be removed from the area of the pool and changing rooms.
    12. c) Caps must be worn by individuals having long hair.
    13. d) Members are not allowed to carry eatables and drinks inside the Swimming Pool area.
    14. e) Persons with injuries, cuts or wounds are not allowed to use the Swimming Pool. All persons must have a shower before entering the pool.
    15. f) The onus of safety of members, dependents and their guests will lie upon the members themselves.
    16. g) Members are bound to follow the terms & conditions specified in the Swimming Pool Membership form.
    17. h) The Club, Committee members, office bearers and employees of the club will have no liability of any kind against claims by members, their dependents and guest for any mishap occurring in the swimming pool.
    18. i) Chappals / flip-flops of any kind are not permitted in the Swimming Pool and Health Club
    19. Car parking

    Cars should be parked within the parking areas stipulated by the Managing Committee. Only Honorary , Permanent , NRI & Corporate members are allowed to park their cars in the main parking area, access to which will be through Smart Card operated entrance.

    1. Dress code( for gentlemen)

    Formal Bar

    1. a) Summer (15 March – 31 October)

    Shirt Full / Half Sleeves (tucked in)


    Turban for Sikh Gentlemen is obligatory

    Socks & Shoes, Leather sandals with straps.

    Churidar Pyjama with Kurta full/half sleeve with collar.

    Churidar Pyjama with waistcoat/full sleeves buttoned down.

    1. b) Winter (01 November – 14 March)

    Lounge suit / combination/Blazer/Jodhpuri coat with trousers

    Socks & shoes, Tie or scarf

    Turban for Sikh gentlemen is mandatory.

    Churidar Pyjama with Achkan/Band Gala Coat/ Full Sleeve Kurta with cuffs and Collar with Jacket.

    Saloon Bar

    In addition to the Formal Bar Dress Code

    1. i) T-shirt
    2. ii) Trousers / Shorts not more than 4” above knees

    iii) Shoes without spikes

    1. iv) Sandals with straps
    2. v) Turban / patka/cap for Sikh gentlemen
    3. vi) Chappals / flip flops of any kind are not permitted

    Ladies are expected to be appropriately dressed.

    Dress code for the course including Range and Practice area


    The following are permitted:

    1. T-shirts with collars
    2. Trousers or shorts

    iii. Golf / sports shoes with socks

    Note: T-shirts to be tucked in compulsorily except from 1st July to 30th September.

    The following are NOT permitted:

    1. Shirts
    2. T-shirts without collars

    iii. Sleeveless shirts / sleeveless T-shirts / Track bottoms/Tracksuits

    1. Shorts higher than 4” above the knee

    v Jogging shorts , Beachwear, Bermudas, Capri

    1. Slippers, Sandals, jungle boots, DMS shoes etc.

    vii. Denim Jeans


    The following are permitted:

    1. T-shirts with collars
    2. Trousers or shorts

    iii.Golf / sports shoes with socks

    iv.Salwar Kameez

    The following are NOT permitted:

    1. Tank tops – Deep Neck T-shirt
    2. High heeled shoes, sandal and slippers

    iii.Track suits

    Note: Persons accompanying members/individuals on the course are also required to adhere to the dress code.

    1. Golf etiquettes

    It shall be incumbent upon all members, dependants, visitors, and guests to follow the codes of etiquette as per the R&A Rules Ltd. In addition, they should replace divots, repair pitch marks on greens, smooth out bunkers and not cause any inconvenience to other persons using the course including standing on the Tee when it is not their turn.

    1. Order of play

    (a) Two ball flight starting at prime time on week days and at any time on week ends and holidays shall have no priority whatsoever.

    (b) The right of starting at the 1st and 10th Tee shall be governed by and shall accrue to players according to the order in which their names are entered on a Time-sheet. When a Time-sheet is not in use, the right of starting shall be according to the order in which all players arrive at the 1st or 10th Tee.

    (c) If any player is not on the teeing ground at which he is to start or if his group or flight is not complete and present at the teeing ground as soon as the preceding group has teed off, he shall lose his right of precedence. If a player is not on the teeing ground and his group already teed off, he/she shall join the group on the course and shall have no other priority.

    (d) Players in club matches and competitions shall always have right of way starting over other players in private matches and group in front shall give a pass.

    (e) On occasion when a starter is present, players shall abide by his instructions for starting. The starter will have the discretion to re-arrange times as he considers fit and in the interest of good order and fairness to all players.

    (f) In case the play could not start on time due to rain/fog etc., at the time of re-starting the play, the timesheet originally prepared will be followed. The players who could not tee off on the time allotted to them, they will start from the tee at which they are supposed to be at the time of re-starting.

    (g) The Captain of the Club will have right of way at the 1st and 10th Tees over players whether entered on the Time Sheet or not.

    (h) The Committee may in their discretion frame rules with regard to Time-sheets and such rules will continue to be displayed on the Club Notice board for a period of 30 days after they are framed. The committee may allocate certain times on the Time-sheets for club matches and competitions or for any other purpose as they deem fit.

    (i) No player may start at any place on the Course other than at the 1st and 10th teeing grounds or as decided by the Committee from time to time. A player starting from an unauthorized teeing ground will have no standing on the course. No player may cut in front of another group at any stage during the course of around.

    (j) Mid-week members and registered applicants are not permitted during “prime time”.

    1. Priority of Play

    (a) Players in Club matches and competitions shall have the right of play over other players and shall, on request, be allowed to go through notwithstanding the fact that the preceding group may be keeping is proper place on the course.

    (b) Four-ball and three-ball matches may start at any time subject to the time-sheet if any. On weekdays the two-ball flight (tournaments) will have precedence over four-ball and three-ball matches and shall be entitled to pass on request.

    1. Prime Time

    As specified by the Managing Committee from time to time.

    1. Pace of play

    To enable maximum utilization of the Golf Course by our members, the following Regulations will be enforced:

    (i) A group NOT ready to tee-off at its allotted booked time shall lose its place.

    (ii) A group that is NOT READY to Tee-off by the time the Group ahead has finished playing their second shots, shall be deemed to be “Out of Position”. Such a Group shall lose its place on the course for the day.

    (iii) If play cannot commence on the 1st and the 10th Tees at the scheduled time as notified in the ‘Booking Roster’ for reasons of fog, inclement weather, or any other unforeseeable reason, the following procedure will be adopted by the Starters:

    (a) The course will be declared ‘closed’ after obtaining the permission of the ‘Captain /Committee member so authorized by the Captain.

    (b) All timings allotted to Members prior to the time the course ‘re-opens’ will stand canceled and play will commence at the nearest notified booked time – at the discretion of the Starters.

    (c) Those who have ‘lost’ their ‘time’ on account of ‘closure’ of the course may, however, commence play at the hole they ‘would be’ at the time of the re-opening of the course.

    1. Tournaments

    A tentative annual programme of Open, as well as In-house Club Tournaments, shall be drawn and members informed within three months of the election of the Managing Committee. Thereafter, a firm monthly programme of tournaments indicating the format of play, participation, etc. shall be posted on the Notice Board. Chairman-Tournament Sub-committee will co-ordinate with the Captain all aspects of arrangements for IGU, PGTI, and other major tournaments. Tournaments shall, however, be so arranged that minimum inconvenience is caused to regular playing members; accordingly, ‘gun-shot’ starts for tournaments may be avoided unless participation is at a minimum of one hundred and open to all members. Managing Committee will fix capitation fee for tournaments to be charged to the organizers depending on a number of participants, Tee slots required and the day of the week.

    1. Good behavior

    All members and their dependants / guests are expected to conduct themselves with utmost restraint and gentlemanly / lady like behavior. Any member resorting to foul language or physical violence within the club premise is liable for disciplinary action.

    1. Breakages

    Members shall be liable for the full value of all articles of club property lost, broken or damaged by themselves /dependents/children, their guests or their servants. In case of willful damage, the amount to be charged from the members shall be fixed by the Managing Committee.

    1. Visitors / guests

    (a) Visitors / guests may be introduced into the club premises and course. The introducing member shall be responsible for entering the name and address of his guest(s) together with his guest (s) together with the own name as follows:

    1. i) In the case of those playing golf, in the guest register kept with the starter /receptionist.
    2. ii) In the case of those using the Swimming Pool/Health Club in the register kept at the Reception/Swimming pool/Health Club

    iii) In the case of other guests, in the guests register kept at the entrance with the receptionist.

    1. iv) A member may introduce guests. However, the same guest may not be introduced by any member more than four times in a calendar month subject to a maximum of 12 times in a year. The charges for guests will be notified by the Managing Committee from time to time, which will be charged to the member.

    (b) Guest charges will be prescribed by the Managing Committee from time to time.

    (c) Only a Permanent member can introduce guests and the number of guests permitted at any occasion will not exceed five.

    (d) Midweek members are permitted to introduce guests only on depositing a sum of Rs. 10,000/- as security and the number of guests permitted at any occasion will not exceed five.

    1. Hire of club house
    2. a) With the permission of the Managing Committee members may book designated areas (Family Lounge and lawn behind the Swimming Pool) of the clubhouse for a private party. The club shall provide in-house catering, liquor, and other beverages / soft-drinks. The members booking the clubhouse shall pay full value for articles of property of the club, which may be lost, broken, damaged by themselves or their guests. The Managing Committee shall fix such value.
    3. b) When the clubhouse is booked under this bye-law, the Managing Committee may close any portion of the clubhouse for such time as they deem expedient. Charges for hiring various premises of the club will be levied/revised by the Managing Committee from time to time.
    4. Bringing in personal food items / alcoholic drinks

    Members, players, their dependents and guests are not allowed to bring into the club from outside any eatables, beverages or alcoholic drinks for consumption in the club.

    1. Take away food

    Members can collect their order for food from the dining hall or reception . Club staff will not deliver the packet in the car park.

    1. Caddies
    2. a) Other than caddies for professional golfers, Caddies will be detailed by the caddy master at the entrance. Caddies will not be earmarked for a particular member.
    3. b) Caddies will be categorized into three grades depending on their proficiency. A member may ask for a caddy of a particular category as per his requirement.
    4. c) Caddy fees for 9, 14 and 18 holes for different categories shall be fixed by the Managing Committee from time to time.
    5. d) No member shall hire (or bring his/her own) caddy who is less than 14 years of age.
    6. Suggestions and complaints
    7. a) Suggestions are welcome and may be entered in the “Suggestion Book” which is kept in the office/Reception.
    8. b) Complaints should be addressed to the Captain (Course related) or Secretary in writing or entered in a book, which is kept for this purpose at the reception.
    9. c) The Captain or the Secretary shall address or take action on the complaints/suggestions received from the members within a week of receipt of the same. Thereafter, the member may be informed accordingly.
    10. Liability of the club
    11. a) All members, visitors, dependents and guests who enter the club premises and / or play golf on the course (including practice areas) or consume any form of food, refreshments or water supplied by the club, or park their vehicles on or in the vicinity of the club premises, or leave any article(s) of whatsoever nature in or on the club premises, whether in lockers or elsewhere or in deposit with any office bearer or servants of the club. The club shall not be liable under any circumstances for personal injury sustained by them or loss or damage to their property.
    12. b) No member of the club shall under any circumstances claim damage of any kind from the club for any reason whatsoever, nor shall proceed legally or otherwise against the club for the realization of any claim whatsoever and the decision of the Managing Committee shall in all such matters be final. Committee members, office bearers and servants of the club will be fully indemnified against any claims by members or the general public for injury or property damage caused by golf balls hit outside the boundaries of the course or any other incident whatever in the course of golf being played in the club.
    13. Club identity card

    All members shall be required to obtain the club identity card.

    1. Elections

    All eligible permanent members who are desirous of contesting election to the Managing Committee should send their bio-data in the following form along with photograph.

    1. Name


    1. Educational qualification
    1. Previous experienceof running an organization(s) which may be helpful in being on the Managing Committee (not more than 100 words)
    1. Previous contribution to the club (not more than100 words)
    1. Future plans / vision for the club (not more than 100 words)


    All permanent members are required to obtain a “No Due Certificate” (NDC) in person when they will also be photographed from the club office against the production of Smart Card/Biometric. The “NDC” will bear a computer-generated photograph of the member. In case an eligible member has not been issued Smart Card, Executive Secretary will personally check the identity and thereafter NDC will be issued.

    Members will be identified in the polling area once again upon production of the smart card along with NDC. The Polling Officer will issue the Ballot to the member after verifying the NDC and Smart Card and shall retain the NDC for records. In case a member has not been issued Smart Card, the Returning Officer will personally check the antecedents of the person before he is issued the Ballot paper.

    A video camera shall be placed at the entrance of the polling area and will record the entry of the member to the polling area.

    1. Standing Committee (Rule 46)

    Nominated member on the Standing Committee should have been a permanent member of the club for a minimum of 20 years. Members so nominated shall not be eligible for election to any office in the Managing Committee for a period of 5 years after demitting office

    1. Penalty for infringement of Byelaws

    Penalty for breach of these Bye-laws will be as laid down by the Managing Committee from time to time .

    1. Notices

    No notice of any kind shall be placed in the club premises except by the authority of the Managing Committee or the Secretary.

    1. Loans to employees

    Loans may be sanctioned to permanent employees upto a limit of 60% of gratuity in their credit subject to total amount of loans at any time not exceeding the amount permitted by the Managing Committee.

    1. Decision of Managing Committee

    In the case any dispute which may arise with regard to interpretation of these Bye-laws, the decision of the Managing Committee shall be final.