Ladies Section

A very intrinsic part of the Chandigarh Golf Club since 1988, the Ladies Section of the Chandigarh Golf Club has always been a force to reckon with. The First Lady Captain was Taran Simranjit Singh and the Section formed to shape and grew under the leadership and guidance of Rani Manko.

Even though the Ladies Section is very much a part of the main club it still has an entity of its own, organizing various tournaments from time to time and managing their own affairs and accounts with their own Executive Committee in place that is voted in once a year in the second week of April every year. The current year has Ms Ashu Singh heading the Committee as the Lady Captain, Ms Vijay Wadhawan as Secretary, Ms Saguna Jain managing the Handicapping and Tournaments and Roop Aulakh keeping the finance and accounts in order.

Amongst the bigger tournaments organized by the Ladies Section in the course of the year are the Punjab Ladies Open, Chandigarh Open, Neelu Chopra Inter Club and Lady Captains Day. But in addition, the Ladies Section officials find themselves busy and on their toes almost all through the year with monthly medal rounds, fun tournaments and traveling out of town for inter-club tournaments organized by the other clubs and those organized by us in nearby towns and their courses.

Needless to say that the color that is spread on the course by the lady golfers, apart from the various hues provided by the flora, is what keeps the energy, verve and positivity of our club going. Looking forward to inviting more women to join us on the course in playing this wonderful game.